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Welcome to the homepage of the BDP.  From now on the latest updates, news, etc will appear here and then will migrate to the relevant part of the site to be replaced by the next new item.


Returning visitors will know all about us and our aims, new visitors may like to browse the site starting with the 'About us' link to the left.


A couple of pages on the (original) locos have been added, see the link 'Baby Deltics' to the left.  Your comments are welcome.

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A limited number of worksplates replicas cast in aluminium are available for sale.  They are the same design as the ones to be carried by our recreated loco.  These will be highly polished and painted, when finished they will be indistinguishable from those mounted on the loco.  They are available at £85 each and can be ordered here - see the sales page for details.


Worksplate replicas for sale


The Baby Deltic Project


News 27 June 2018

A two-day working party this week saw plenty of work being completed on the underframes, specifically the connections between the main frames and the shortened nose  frames.  Although much of the work had been done some time ago there were some areas which were all-but impossible to access without the loco being lifted.


Fortunately we have been able to hire a set of jacks from HNRC at Barrow Hill and the lift was, therefore, a doddle.


All the required work was completed apart from a small area of reinforcement at no. 1 end.  It isn't clear yet whether a further lift will be necessary to complete this work or not.


Also, whilst the loco was in the air the opportunity was taken to weigh it providing a useful gauge of loco weight distribution in its new form.


Seen in the photos is no. 2 end with welding and preparation taking place and a view looking along the length of the loco sans bogies.

P1010941 P1010928

News 16 August 2018

One of the annoying things about having a loco with two ends is that once you've done a load of work at one end it has to be repeated at the other end.  The theory is that it's always easier the second time around.  This theory is, of course, nonsense.


Having completed (some months ago) all the work on shortening no. 2 nose end we are now repeating the process at no. 1 end with the same vim and vigour......


Seen in the photos below is the Driver's side solebar with a rough cut showing the offset between the two sections as a result of the shortening and the Secondman's side with a clean cut after the preparation for welding in the joining sections next time.  The solebars take all of the buffing load and their importance in the overall structural strength cannot be understated.


Also shown is a conduit, or what remains of it.  Aluminium corrodes just like steel does and this dusty tube was once a 1/16" thick conduit.  All of this will be replaced with new conduit throughout.

P1110584 P1110589 P1110583