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Welcome to the homepage of the BDP.  From now on the latest updates, news, etc will appear here and then will migrate to the relevant part of the site to be replaced by the next new item.


Returning visitors will know all about us and our aims, new visitors may like to browse the site starting with the 'About us' link to the left.


A couple of pages on the (original) locos have been added, see the link 'Baby Deltics' to the left.  Your comments are welcome.

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News - 10 March 2017

A limited number of worksplates replicas cast in aluminium are available for sale.  They are the same design as the ones to be carried by our recreated loco.  These will be highly polished and painted, when finished they will be indistinguishable from those mounted on the loco.  They are available at £85 each and can be ordered here - see the sales page for details.


Worksplate replicas for sale

With work on the body virtually complete attention has turned to the nose ends.  No. 2 end is the first to be dealt with - because it is easier as a result of damage caused when the loco was in a breakers yard.  Seen in the two photos below is the work undertaken this week - removal of the entire nose superstructure.


Carrying out the work is Alex Coxon who is part of a work-experience scheme offered by the Baby Deltic Project.  The scheme is an initiative established to offer practical opportunities to young persons who are at specialist engineering schools studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects and encourage youngsters to take an interest in railway heritage.  Working under the supervision of a dedicated mentor, Alex has been cutting out corrosion, preparing sections for new steelwork, cleaning pipework, and undertaking general fabrication.  It is hoped that Alex will continue to help with the BDP after his work experience comes to an end.


Capture P1000376 P1000380

News - 2 September 2017

Plenty to report in this update.  The photos below tell the story of recent weeks' work.  The nose framework at no. 2 end is in an advanced state of build now.  Clearly seen in the first photo is the gangway arrangement with three 125 x 65 channels (the top one bent to a 4000mm radius) forming the support for the doors at the front of the nose.  The obviously too-long vertical is simply a support and alignment aid - the actual vertical to be added when all the horizontals are in place.  The second photo shows the joining arrangement between the body and the shortened nose.  Students of geometry will understand why the two parts are joined by a parallelogram.  Not seen in this photo is the substantial 125 x 75 x 15 angle which forms the longitudinal member to take the buffing force.  On top of the section shown will be another identical plate to bring the two floor plates to the same level.  The final photo shows the standard of the bodywork we have achieved.  In reality, this is the work of just one man who should be proud - seems a shame to have to cut holes in it for windows, etc.

5 May 2017

Friend of the Baby Deltic Project, Colin Alexander has written a splendid book about Pilot Scheme Diesels featuring, of course, Baby Deltics.


In an act of remarkable generosity the profits of this book are to be split between the Baby Deltic Project and the group restoring 'Co-Bo' D5705.


The book launches on 15 May 2017 and you can follow the link here to buy your copy and help the BDP.  Many, many thanks to Colin for supporting the project.




Pilot Scheme Diesel Locomotives P1090844 P1090827 P1090825