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Welcome to the homepage of the BDP.  The latest updates, news, etc will appear here and then will migrate to the relevant part of the site to be replaced by the next new item.


Returning visitors will know all about us and our aims, new visitors may like to browse the site starting with the 'About us' link to the left.


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A limited number of worksplates replicas cast in aluminium are available for sale.  They are the same design as the ones to be carried by our recreated loco.  These will be highly polished and painted, when finished they will be indistinguishable from those mounted on the loco.  They are available at £85 each and can be ordered here - see the sales page for details.

Worksplate replicas for sale


The Baby Deltic Project


News 2 May 2019

This will be the final bit of significant VISIBLE progress for a while.  Work will continue as ever, but the progress will not be particularly visual.  This is not a euphemism for 'background work' or 'unseen work' but simply that no-one is really interested in photos of floor plates or bulkhead repairs - the next workstream.


Have a look at these photos which feature a super view of the loco complete with all the roofs fitted for the first time and the exquisite (temporary) cover for the radiator apertures complete with our logo laser cut.  This temporary cover also shows the extremities of the 'honeycomb' grill and will act as a template for drilling the mounting holes for the real grille in due course.

_MG_9772 P1120384 P1120408

News 9 May 2019

The loco is now wrapped up for its annual trip out of the Roundhouse, necessary because of the forthcoming beer festival at Barrow Hill.


The three photos below show a detail shot of the splendid temporary radiator aperture cover / template, and the loco both before and after wrapping up.



DSCN4550 P1120429 P1120423

News 10 July 2019

A passing comment by someone at Barrow Hill a few weeks ago, "Why are you taking all the old cable out, surely it doesn't decay?"  As these photos show there are three principle problems with old cable – and this cable is more than 50 years old.  (1) The insulation deteriorates and breaks down, (2) the conductor wires fray and reduce the effective cross-sectional area available for current flow, (3) the conduit corrodes - in this case as a result of the electrolytic effect.  The upshot of this is that there is little point retaining anything and the loco will be completely rewired.  


Notwithstanding anything else there's going to be so many electrical control and power differences between the donor loco and D5910 it's easier just to start again.  To answer the FAQs before they come up - yes, it's expensive and no, not as much as you'd think.


IMG_7988 IMG_7986