The Baby Deltic Project are the owners of the sole-remaining Napier Deltic type T9-29 engine and generator set .  Use the links to the left (some of them are triangular, see?) to navigate the site.  Enjoy your visit and keep coming back, tell us what you think by clicking on the logo (top left) and sending us an e-mail.


We bought the power unit in 2001 from the National Railway Museum and began a programme of refurbishment in 2007, this culminated in a successful engine start in October 2008.


The engine is now installed in our latest acquisition - 37372.  The engine has been run in the loco - and demonstrated to the public (see news item of 10/8/09).  See 'The Project' link to the left for details of the next phase of the BDP.

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Baby Deltic Project

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About the Group

The Baby Deltic Project is a group of six people who give freely of their time and money to meet a common desire to see our power unit run in a locomotive once more.


There is not  a membership scheme for the Project, however, if you would like to help us meet our aims why not take a look at our items for sale by clicking the 'Sales' link above.  


Want to see what we look like?  Clicking on the link here will take you to the links page where there's a photograph of us.

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Buy the book!

We have published a book about the experience of the Project so far.  Titled 'Baby Deltic, the story of an engine's rebirth' it tells the story of the discovery, purchase, restoration and return to operational condition of our engine.


It is a fascinating book and is well loaded with photos and descriptive text.  It is also a fabulous way to raise money for the Project, at only £9.50 it is also a bargain!


See the Sales & Donate page                                                   for details of how to purchase, thanks.


How to make a donation

Virtually all of our money comes from the pockets of the Project members.  Some of it comes from the sales items advertised elsewhere, we have had requests about how money can be donated to the Project, so, if you'd like to make a donation this can be undertaken in any of the following ways;


Send a cheque payable to 'The Baby Deltic Project' to The BDP, c/o Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Campbell Drive, Staveley, Chesterfield, S43 2PR.


Make an electronic transfer to our bank account, The Baby Deltic Project, HSBC Bank, 40-19-15,  72535408.


Click on the donate link on the sales page.