The Baby Deltic Project

Frequently asked questions

What is a Baby Deltic?


A Type 2 loco, built in the late-1950s by English Electric.  They were fitted with one 9-cylinder Napier Deltic engine rated at 1100 bhp.


The were called 'Baby' Deltics because of the engine being smaller than the 18-cylinder engines fitted to their Type 5 brethren (later Class 55), not because they bore any resemblance to them.



How many were built and what happened to them?


Ten were built and they were all scrapped - primarily as a result of the need to standardise traction in the late-1960s.



Weren't the original locos unreliable?


To all intents and purposes they were prototypes.  It's true that they were refurbished and rebuilt soon after introduction in the early 1960s but the majority of the work concentrated on auxiliary systems rather than the engine.



What is the purpose of the project?


To recreate, as far as reasonably practicable, a replica 'Baby' Deltic loco.  Certain sensible modifications will be incorporated; dual brakes, hydrostatic fan drive (engine cooling), electronic load regulator (engine output), electronic engine condition monitoring, no train heating boiler.



What number will it carry?


D5910, this would have been the next in the series, the original locos carried numbers D5900 - D5909.



What version of the loco are you building and what livery will it carry?


The loco will be in 'as built' condition; disc headcodes, gangway doors, nose-end ladder.  It will be in BR green with a cream lower body stripe and a red lower stripe on the nose end.



Will it be 'main line' registered?


No.  It's nothing to do with cost, neither is it anything to do with the fact that its built using another loco as a donor.  It's about preserving the loco - 'main line' operation is extremely stressfull on the power unit (engine / generator) and our engine is unique.  


It will be certified to be hauled on the national network to attend other preserved railways, etc.



Is there a membership scheme for the project?


No.  We are a small group of existing friends brought together by a common goal and we do not operate a membership or similar scheme.



How much will it cost to complete the recreation?


It is expected to be in the order of £75,000 by the time it's finished.



Can I donate to the project / are you a Charity?


We welcome donations - please click the link here to see details.






We are not a Charity so cannot claim Gift Aid on donations.



Do you have an engine already?


Yes, we purchased the sole-remaining Napier T9-29 engine complete with its generators from the National Railway Museum in 2001, it is presently in store in operational condition.



What loco was the engine from?


Not D5901 as everyone seems to think?  Why not buy a copy of our book which details the rebuild of the engine and gives details of its origin.  Use the Donate link above to visit our sales page.



When will the loco be finished?


We are concentrating on building the loco to our satisfaction rather than artificial targets.




Thank you for looking at these frequently asked questions, is there's anything else you like to know please e-mail us using the Contact Us link on the home page of this website.

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