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Welcome to the homepage of the BDP.  From now on the latest updates, news, etc will appear here and then will migrate to the relevant part of the site to be replaced by the next new item.


Returning visitors will know all about us and our aims, new visitors may like to browse the site starting with the 'About us' link to the left.


A couple of pages on the (original) locos have been added, see the link 'Baby Deltics' to the left.  Your comments are welcome.

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A limited number of worksplates replicas cast in aluminium are available for sale.  They are the same design as the ones to be carried by our recreated loco.  These will be highly polished and painted, when finished they will be indistinguishable from those mounted on the loco.  They are available at £85 each and can be ordered here - see the sales page for details.


Worksplate replicas for sale


The Baby Deltic Project


News 3 December 2018

Work in the last period has focussed on the new roof structure.  There was little point in trying to modify and reuse the Class 37 roof - they are full of hatches and exhaust ports, none of which are present on Baby Deltics.  Using a section of the old roof as a sample, a series of new curved sections were rolled to shape from taper flange channel and now form the intermediate transverse skeleton seen in the photo below, the end sections being rolled from angle.  The longitudinal sections are of angle cut to fit in between the 'hoops'.


To complete the structure and add critical strength along the length the fillets seen in the other photo were laser cut and welded into the channel in-situ.


It is nearly all fully-welded now - only the section above the control cubicle is still to do - and once complete the new skin will be welded on to complete the roof.


Of note is that almost everything visible in the photo below is new; body superstructure, solebar to cant rail; bodyskin; roof; cab bulkhead.

P1110792 P1110776

News 20 December 2018

On the final shift of the year the bulk of the day was spent putting up racking in one of our containers and moving parts and equipment between storage locations on site.  The intent is to create specific areas for each type of part so that when time comes to reassemble the loco time is not wasted looking for bits.  There are no pictures of this because whilst I find it quite exciting to see things nicely stacked and stored this excitement is apparently 'not normal'.


Instead here's a coouple of pictures of the second nose end having been cut in two - only the top part is of any use and this will be blast-cleaned before being cut in two (vertically this time) and added the to rebuilt nose section.  Nose end doors, as built, before anyone asks.


With thanks to the apprentice (not ours, someone elses) who has learned to cut in a straight line since his last visit......

P1110822 P1110826

News 9 January 2019

Having completed the structural modifications to the no. 1 nose, we are now continuing with the cab repairs at that end.   A brace is welded in to prevent the nose bulkhead distorting when its lower section is removed and with the corner upright replaced with new steel the whole cab side can be removed and replaced.


This area is subject to considerable corrosion, not only because of its age but because the drains below the droplight windows have been blocked since about 1968.  With no means of escape the rainwater sits at the lowest point and, helped by the electrolytic corrosion between aluminium conduit and steel structure, eventually finds its own way out.....

P1110856 IMG_3028