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Welcome to the homepage of the BDP.  From now on the latest updates, news, etc will appear here and then will migrate to the relevant part of the site to be replaced by the next new item.


Returning visitors will know all about us and our aims, new visitors may like to browse the site starting with the 'About us' link to the left.


A couple of pages on the (original) locos have been added, see the link 'Baby Deltics' to the left.  Your comments are welcome.

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A limited number of worksplates replicas cast in aluminium are available for sale.  They are the same design as the ones to be carried by our recreated loco.  These will be highly polished and painted, when finished they will be indistinguishable from those mounted on the loco.  They are available at £85 each and can be ordered here - see the sales page for details.

Worksplate replicas for sale


The Baby Deltic Project


News 22 March 2019

Another week, another roof.  This time the much smaller CWA roof - CWA being a BR acronym for Carriage Warming Apparatus, a boiler in other words. There's no CWA of any sorts in this recreation of the Baby Deltic though, the space will instead be used for compressors, exhausters and a traction motor blower.  All of these still need a removable roof and here it is in frame form and then with the skin attached.


With the loco under the hoist again this week we took the opportunity to remove the electrical control cubicle and the fan mounting assembly and the third picture shows them all together on the ground.  A good opportunity also to weigh the bits and assess the changes to the centre of gravity for when it comes to loco weighing much later on.


The final photo is a broadside of the loco which is gratuitous as the number of likes on Facebook always increases whenever a loco picture is published.


Finally, on a personal note, if any journalists would actually like a proper piece for your magazine or 'news' website, why not ask rather than just copy and pasting whatever we write here!

P1120110 P1120119 P1120141 P1120127

News 18 April 2019

Plenty of progress to report this week, the no. 1 end nose superstructure and body panels have been added and painted.


The photos below show the framework tacked in place and the panelwork in various states of application.

P1120268 P1120274 P1120307 P1120303 P1120323 P1120335